Inclusive Bathrooms Exhibition

Inclusive design for the bathroom.

There will be three different accessible bathroom types studied for three different purposes of use: a bathroom for a private home, a bathroom to be placed within facilities for children and a temporary mobile bathroom* able to satisfy the needs of people participating in public events.

Three projects, one guiding thread: accessibility.

Ing. Maria Rosaria Motolese, curator of the initiative, will follow the principles of inclusive design. The projects will take place at Exposanità in an exhibition that will simulate the three environments with the aim of proposing solutions that guarantee to any person, beyond a possible disability, social or age, the possibility to use the room from bathroom with more freedom.

The design will combine the needs of comfort and safety, but also of innovation and aesthetics through the choice of products, components and accessories.

* The temporary mobile bath will be the subject of a multidisciplinary contest “BATH, – Bath Room Accessibility for temporary habitats” which will end with the prototyping of the project perfectly functioning and accessible by all visitors at the fair. Read more >>

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