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Innovation and good practice for the health world.

A complete overview of products and services dedicated to hospitals, diagnostics, digital healthcare, orthopaedics, rehabilitation, disability and assistance, along with projects and technological solutions for the healthcare service.

Have a look at the special initiatives designed for each exhibiting area: Special initiatives>>

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Technologies and products for hospitals

A wide and articulated review of products, equipment and technologies related to design, construction and management of health facilities and hospitals and to the care and hospitalization of patients.

Special initiatives: a neurosurgery operating room>> and an urology operating room>>, a cross section of an intensive care unit>> and a cross section of a central sterile supply department>>


Professional clothing | Medical equipment and technologies | Furniture | Operating theatre equipment | Disinfection and sterilization | Hospital engineering | Hotel services management | Hospital Logistics | Disposable | Outsourcing | Medical and Surgical Devices | Cleaning and Maintenance Equipment


Products, services and initiatives for disability, orthopaedics, rehabilitation

The undisputed market leadership of the companies exhibiting at Exposanità, along with a full program of sports and cultural events, make HORUS a not to be missed opportunity for all the professionals in the sector – therapists, doctors, orthopaedic technicians, pharmacists, managers of orthopaedic shops – and an important meeting point for the disabled and their families. HORUS offers a complete overview of the best offered by the market in terms of mobility aids, sport, active life, personal care, leisure and communication, orthopaedics, sanitary items, physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Special initiatives: Focus orthopaedic factory >>  Focus assistive technologies >>  Inclusive bathrooms exhibition >>  Contest Bath Room Accessibility >> 


Adaptations of interiors | Adaptations, furniture, aids and home appliances | Physiotherapy equipment and accessories | Furniture and equipment for gyms | Sanitary items | Aids and Services for people with disabilities | Aids for communication and signal | Aids for professional training | Leisure aids | Personal protection and care aids | Personal mobility aids | Orthopaedics | Equipment and solutions for rehabilitation | Posture systems


Equipment and products for diagnostic imaging and electrodiagnostic

A widespread diagnostic activity is the essential precondition for a conscious healing and rehabilitation process, as well as the key to reduce health care costs. Diagnostic imaging and electrodiagnosis in all their branches will be the focus of the training activities and dedicated
exhibition areas.

Special initiatives: Focus Cardio Imaging>>


Diagnostics imaging | Electro-diagnostics | Accessories and products

Digital health

Healthcare Informatics and Telemedicine

Information & Communication Technology (ICT) is one of the keys to improve quality and sustainability of the Health Care Service, the increasingly strong pressure to reduce public spending, together with an increase in demand for health, now makes it indispensable. SISTEM will offer all those who manage or use ICT an overview of the most innovative equipment and digital technology to support improvement and innovation in Health.


Hardware systems and equipment | Software systems and products | Telematics and telemedicine


Medical Innovation & Technology

Innovation and progress in the evolution of health care need to find paths to bring out new products and new discoveries, creating opportunities for interaction between the industrial and business world. This is the main purpose of the MIT project: an opportunity to show the results of research, patents and new product engineering, to foster dialogue and meeting between the wide world of private and public health, the scientific world and the companies working in the field.



Bionics and nanotechnologies | Innovative technologies and materials | Advanced diagnostic systems

Third age

Solutions, products and services for the third age

From solutions for active life to products for the assistance to the fourth and fifth age.

Special initiatives: Habitat Project, Inclusive bathrooms exhibition, Technologies to support the frail subject and the family caregiver>>


Equipment, products and equipment for the spaces dedicated to the elderly

Health quality

Review of projects and achievements for the quality of the Health Care Service

It is unfortunately well-known that the quality and quantity of health care services provided in Italy, is not uniform throughout the country. HEALTH QUALITY aims to overcome this fragmentation, showing and networking paths of good practices. Within HEALTH QUALITY institutions, organizations, associations and individual health facilities show the excellence of their programs and achievements and share experience with the players visiting the event.

Special initiatives: Prevention>>


Associations | Certification and Service Bodies | Institutions and insurance companies | Authorities and institutions | Training and didactics | Organizations of representation and control | Health communication projects | Private healthcare facilities | Public healthcare facilities

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