BOS S.r.l. – The union between Bologna Fiere and Senaf.

Trade shows organizers for over 30 years

Exposanità is designed and managed by BOS S.r.l., a project that bring together Bologna Fiere S.p.A. and Senaf S.r.l., a company that has gained a decade-long experience and based its roots mainly on the knowledge of specific markets such as specialized mechanics, plant engineering, logistics, new technologies, construction and healthcare. The skills that enable us to carry out important fair events are also due to the fundamental contribution by the Tecniche Nuove Group, which includes Senaf.

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Different points of view

We are firmly convinced that in order to create the prerequisites of a successful exhibition, it is necessary to know and understand the specific needs of the reference market, this is the reason why our company starts synergies and collaborations with all the entities that represent the various branches.

Institutions, associations, representative bodies and companies are our privileged interlocutors for the creation and design of all our events. Our company also establishes strategic partnerships with the exhibition venues hosting our projects.

On the occasion of Exposanità, we collaborate with BolognaFiere Group, one of the most important European exhibition centers, during its over 50 years of activity it has been able to catch the attention of specialized operators from all over the world.

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