Special Events 2022

cure territoriali - Exposanita 2021

Territorial Care

The hospital-territory dichotomy as a keystone for the functioning of the entire national health system. The topic will be at the centre of a cycle of meetings adressed to healthcare managers.

disinfezione - Exposanita 2021

Disinfection and Sanitation

How to safeguard public health and manage health problems will be the main questions of a rich conference programme dedicated to the crucial issue of the hygiene in the health sector.

sala emodinamica - Exposanita 2021

Hemodynamics and Electrophysiology

The most innovative technological solutions and the skills needed to manage them will animate an area focus on the most common cardiovascular diseases.

Disabilità - Exposanità 2021


The latest solutions for an independent life: school integration, job placement, sport for all accessible tourism and everyday life.

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Fragilità - Exposanita 2021


From solutions for active life to products for the assistance to the fourth and fifth age. Focus on: home care services for the super seniors, B2B meetings with retirement home managers

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Ospedali Verdi - Exposanità

Green Hospitals

The environmental sustainability of health care structures as a keystone to improve performance. Products and skills to project and menage the health care construction of the future.


Covid 19

Documents, videos, studies and research to better spread skills and experience gained in Covid 19 emergency management, which will be useful to all health care professionals.

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4 – 6 may 2022