Focus Orthopaedic Factory

The Focus Orthopaedic Factory is an initiative organized by Fioto, Italian Federation of Orthopaedic Practitioners, who for over 40 years brings together the workers in the prosthetic care field.

All companies working in the field of prosthetic care and deal with solutions and products for this sector are invited to present their production within a demonstration area that will reproduce a latest generation orthopaedic workshop.

The orthopaedic factory, located within Horus Exhibiting Area, will also provide a cycle of meetings where companies have the opportunity to interface the operators and illustrate their case history and accomplishments.

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Focus topics

At the core of the training panel we will find issues closely related to the production chain shop-laboratory-orthopaedic factory, and in particular:

Orthopedic factory and collaboration with professionals in the rehabilitative sector

The resolution of phantom-limb related issues

The prosthesis “personalized tailor-made”


The scientific program is aimed at all operators in the Italian orthopaedic and prosthetic sector:

Orthopaedic technicians



Occupational Therapists

Resellers of orthopaedic health products


Admitted products within the exhibiting area:

Apparatus, instruments, machineries and products for orthopaedic technique, semi-finished and orthopedic components.

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