Habitat Project

A versatile system for intelligent living places

The increase in life expectancy and the significant cuts in spending on the National Healthcare System require immediate solutions for sustaining and prolonging the people’s autonomy in daily spaces and places.


Home Assistance Based on the Internet of Things for the Autonomy

This is the HABITAT project, coordinated by CIRI-ICT, the Industrial Research Center of the University of Bologna and financed by Regione Emilia-Romagna.

The project, which will be hosted at Exposanità, aims to study a platform that allows to communicate daily life objects (like beds, radios, armchairs, clocks etc.) through to the use of the technologies of the Internet of Things (IoT) such as radio frequency, wearable electronics, wireless sensor networks and artificial intelligence.

The most advanced technology solutions are low energy consumption, cooperating and non-invasive. Making these objects interactive with each other will also provide long-term assistive life spaces with a restrained impact on the environment. Smart objects will be able to adapt progressively to the needs of the person, ensuring total autonomy in meeting the primary needs.

The system that will be developed by Habitat will ensure a “transparent” monitoring of the daily behavior of the frail subject, extending his/her stay at home even though he is constantly connected with the social health services network and family caregivers.

Scientific Responsible: Ing. Alessandra Costanzo

Coordinator: CIRI Information and Communication Technologies

Unibo Partner: CIRI Health Sciences & Technologies

During the exhibition

The visitors will have the opportunity to experience the platform’s potential thanks to practical demonstrations set in a living area where some IOT technologies are embedded in everyday objects.