For a healthier and longer life

Promoting the culture of prevention is definitely one of the goals of Exposanità 2018

Our visitors will have the opportunity to benefit from different free screening. Our aim is to highlight how early diagnosis, in particular with the evolution and improvement of diagnostic techniques, is an undeniable benefit to the population that results in a real decrease in mortality.

During Exposanità, visitors will have the opportunity to benefit from a path of free screenings: prevention of melanoma, thyroid nodules, breast cancer, tests for the measurement of carbon monoxide in the breath, ultrasound examination for the prevention of vascular risk and postural assessment, physiatric visits and examinations for the evaluation of the metabolic syndrome.

The free screenings will be performed thanks to the cooperation of: ANT – National Tumours Assistance, ANTEL – Italian Association of Biomedical Laboratory Technicians, FIV – Italian Vascular FoundationGIV – Vulnologi Italian GroupLilt – Italian League for tumours fightSIDV – Italian Society for Vascular DiagnosticsSIMEDET – Italian Society for Diagnostics and Therapeutic Medicine, SIMFER – Italian Society of Physical medicine and Rehabilitation.