Technological innovations and automation for analysis laboratory: the news at Exposanità

Thanks to a mix of state-of-the-art skills and technologies, it is now possible to respond to the health needs of users with the highest standards of quality and safety. Process automation and operational efficiency, together with the professionalism of doctors, will provide excellent health service benefits.

During the exhibition

Exposanità will host a cross section of a last-generation laboratory, realized in collaboration with LUM, (Unique Metropolitan Laboratory) one of the most prestigious examples in Europe of integrated network for diagnostic surveys. This demonstration area is going to be a great business opportunity for companies, and an important training experience for technical and health professions.

LUM represents an innovative and efficient work model, located within Ospedale Maggiore in Bologna, meets the needs of the whole metropolitan area.

The best training

A cycle of meetings organized by the most important professional associations will provide technicians and laboratory medicine professionals with a timely update on topics of greatest interest to the category.

On exhibition

Analysis devices

Furnishings and equipment

Accessories, products and disposable

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