Playroom for all: a toy library without barriers

The game is a right of all children, no one excluded.

Exposanità will host again the special initiative Playroom for all, that will reproduce within the exhibition the atmosphere of a toy library without barriers, realized by Assogiocattoli and designed by Bernardo Corbellini and Bice Dantona.

The educational benefits of the game are definitely recognized by scientific studies. Playing activities promote the overall development of the child, in the didactic planning they represent a methodological strategy through which stimulate the acquisition of affective, relational and cognitive skills.

The game is therefore a good support to promote sharing of experiences, socialization, inclusion and as a useful tool for rehabilitating the child itself.

Inspired by the Convention on the Rights of Childhood Art. 31

[…] States Parties respect and promote the right of the child to fully participate in cultural and artistic life and encourage the organization, in conditions of equality, of appropriate means of entertainment and recreational, artistic and cultural activities […]

Exposanità will host an exhibition area with adapted toys for special needs, an interesting opportunity for teachers, speech therapists and occupational therapists to find training courses and innovative solutions for their work.

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