Third Age

The theme of Ageing and care of the delicate person will be addressed in 2018, in collaboration with the main players of the sector, through dedicated special projects and an important cultural program aimed at all the professionals involved in the care path of the elder.


home automation, technology and autonomy • evolution of social-health professions • governance of services and spending review • independent living • active aging and lifestyles • long-term care • geriatrics and rehabilitation medicine in hospital and territory • burnout prevention • caregiver rights • taking over of fragile multipathy subject • perioperative management of the elderly patient • inclusive planning • quality of care and assistance • social responsibility • third sector reform • telemedicine and homecare • international good practices

Special projects:

Habitat ProjectHome Assistance Based on the Internet of Things for the Autonomy

Inclusive design for the bathroomExhibition

The initiatives are aimed at:

Managers of social welfare facilities, primary care physicians, geriatricians, physiatrists and orthopedists, social healthcare operators, nurses, social workers, physiotherapists, patient associations and family caregivers.

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